3rd Members' Meeting – 19th April 2013


  • Overview hadron und nuclear physics in Darmstadt (Norbert Pietralla)
  • Dominik Becker (P2): The weak charge of the proton
  • Vladyslav Pauk (M1): Gamma-gamma sum rules and the implications for (g-2)μ
  • Benedikt Kloss (P1): The ISR physics program at BES-III
  • Peter Otte (S3): Pi0 photo-production in Schwellennähe
  • Patrik Ott (M2,M1): Eta' production at MAMI
  • Florian Schulz (N)
  • 3rd Members' Meeting of the SFB 1044


TOP1:  Acceptance of the agenda
TOP2:  Acceptance of the minutes of the 2nd members' meeting
TOP3:  Speaker's report
TOP4:  Report on the 8 subprojects of the SFB 1044
TOP5:  Miscellaneous


Principal investigators, associated principal investigators, members and associated members of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1044.

Status reports on individual projects of the CRC 1044

P1  Precision hadron physics: H. Wittig
P2  Weak mixing angle: F. Maas
S1  Baryon form factors: M. Vanderhaeghen
S2  Polarizabilities: V. Pascalutsa
S3  Low-Energy Excitations of Hadrons: L. Tiator
M1  γγ physics and meson structure: M. Vanderhaeghen
M2  Light meson dynamics: W. Gradl
N    Interactions in few-baryon systems: S. Schlimme