S2: Project-related publications from the second funding period

Publications in international refereed journals and books

  1. Measurements of double-polarized Compton scattering asymmetries and extraction of the proton spin polarizabilities
    P.P. Martel et al., Phys.Rev.Lett. 114 (2015) 112501.
  2. Nucleon polarizabilities: from Compton scattering to hydrogen atom
    F. Hagelstein, R. Miskimen and V. Pascalutsa, Prog.Part.Nucl.Phys. 88 (2016) 29 [arXiv:1512.03765 [nucl-th]].
  3. Evaluation of the forward Compton scattering off protons: II. Spin-dependent amplitude and observables
    O. Gryniuk, F. Hagelstein and V. Pascalutsa, Phys.Rev. D94 (2016) 034043 [arXiv:1604.00789 [nucl-th]].
  4. Reply to “Comment on breakdown of the expansion of finite-size corrections to the hydrogen Lamb shift in moments of charge distribution”
    F. Hagelstein and V. Pascalutsa, Phys.Rev. A93 (2016) 026502 [arXiv:1602.01978 [hep- ph]].
  5. Description of light nuclei in pionless effective field theory using the stochastic variational method
    V. Lensky, M.C. Birse and N.R. Walet, Phys.Rev. C94 (2016) 034003 [arXiv:1605.03898 [nucl-th]].
  6. Determination of the scalar polarizabilities of the proton using beam asymmetry \(\Sigma_3\) in Compton scattering
    V. Sokhoyan et al., Eur.Phys.J. A53 (2017) 14 [arXiv:1611.03769 [nucl-ex]].
  7. Generalized polarizabilities of the nucleon in baryon chiral perturbation theory
    V. Lensky, V. Pascalutsa and M. Vanderhaeghen, Eur.Phys.J. C77, (2017) 119.
  8. Spin-dependent sum rules connecting real and virtual Compton scattering verified
    V. Lensky, V. Pascalutsa, M. Vanderhaeghen and C. Kao, Phys.Rev. D 95, 074001 (2017).
  9. A systematic study of octet-baryon electromagnetic form factors in covariant ChPT
    A. N. Hiller Blin, arXiv:1707.02255 [hep-ph], accepted for publication in Phys.Rev. D.

Preprints and conference proceedings

  1. Proton structure in the hyperfine splitting of muonic hydrogen
    F. Hagelstein and V. Pascalutsa, PoS CD 15, 077 (2016) [arXiv:1511.04301 [nucl-th]].
  2. Compton scattering from 3He and 4He using an active target
    J. Annand, B. Strandberg, H. J. Arends, A. Thomas, E. Downie, D. Hornidge, M. Morris, V. Sokhoyan, PoS CD 15, 082 (2016). PhD Theses
  3. Model-independent determination of proton polarizabilities from Compton scattering
    Nadiia Krupina, PhD Thesis, University of Mainz, defended April 2017.
  4. Exciting nucleons in Compton scattering and hydrogen-like atoms
    Franziska Hagelstein, PhD Thesis, University of Mainz, defended July 2017 [arXiv:1710.00874 [nucl-th]].
  5. Measurement of the generalized polarizabilities of the proton by virtual Compton scattering at MAMI and \(Q^2=0.2 GeV^2\)
    Loup Correa, Joint PhD Thesis, University of Mainz and Clermont-Fd, defended September 2016.
  6. Probing proton structure through single polarization observables of Compton scattering and \(\pi^0\) photoproduction within the \(\Delta(1232)\) region
    Cristina Collicott, PhD Thesis, Dalhousie University, defended April 2015.
  7. Spin polarizability of the proton using a polarized photon beam and a polarized butanol target at the Mainz Microtron
    Dilli Paudyal, PhD Thesis, Unversity of Regina, defended August 2017.

Papers to be submitted before March 2018

  1. PhD work of C. Collicott, Extraction of the Proton Spin Polarizabilities with the Photon Beam Asymmetry \(\Sigma_3\) in Compton scattering from the Proton in the Delta Region, to be submitted in November 2017 to Physics Letters B.
  2. PhD work of D. Paudyal, Spin Polarizabilities of the Proton using a Polarized Photon Beam and Polarized Butanol Target at the Mainz Microtron, to be submitted in February 2018 to Physical Review C.
  3. PhD work of N. Krupina will very soon be submitted for publication.
  4. PhD work of F. Hagelstein will result in a number of further publications.
  5. A. Blin, V. Lensky, V. Pascalutsa, in preparation.
  6. V. Lensky, F. Hagelstein, V. Pascalutsa and M. Vanderhaeghen, in preparation.