Projects P:

The implication of hadron physics for Precision tests of the Standard Model of particle physics

  • P1: Precision hadron physics: \((g-2)_\mu\) and \(\alpha_{\rm{em}}(M_{\rm{Z}}^2)\)
  • P2: The weak charge ot the proton

Projects S:

The synergy between space-like and time-like processes and observables of hadron Structure

  • S1: Baryon form factors
  • S2: Polarizabilities
  • S3: Light hadron spectroscopy

Projects M:

The inclusion of Meson structure physics accessing the quark structure of mesons as well as thier decay patterns and spectroscopy

  • M1: \(\gamma\gamma\) physics and meson structure
  • M2: Meson dynamics

Project N:

An experimental and theoretical study of Nuclei as strongly interacting systems using electro-weak probes.

  • N: Interactions in nuclear systems

Project Z:

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