P2: Milestones second funding period

P2 magnetic spectrometer

  • Design, construction, installation and commissioning of the magnetic support, scattering chamber and other components.
  • Full Monte Carlo simulation of magnetic spectrometer and integrating detector set-up including radiative corrections.
  • Installation of the integrating read-out electronics.

Development of highest-precision polarimetry

  • Calibration of the double scattering polarimeter.
  • Consistency checks at the 0.5 % level.
  • Commissioning of the Hydro-Møller 8 T solenoid with 0.3 K supra-fluid Helium film.

Tracking system for determination of the momentum transfer Q2 with the P2 magnetic spectrometer

  • Development of a track finding and fitting algorithm optimized for the P2 tracker.
  • Optimization for fast reconstruction of millions of tracks per second.
  • Preparation of the average Q2 measurement using simulated data including a first estimation of systematic errors.

Theoretical work necessary for the interpretation of the measurements

  • Calculation of dominating two-loop and two-photon corrections for the parity-violating asymmetry.
  • Complete Monte Carlo simulation program providing photonic corrections at the required precision.