P1: Milestones second funding period

  • Hadronic cross section via ISR at BESIII:
    Finalize and publish analysis of the processes e+e- → π+π-π0π0; new results for ISR channel e+e- → π+π- at low and high energies; results for the forward-backward asymmetry
  • Inclusive R ratio via energy scan:
    First results with accuracy of 4 to 5 %
  • Charmonium spectroscopy:
    Finalize and publish analysis of the channel e+e- → J/ψ π+π-; carry out χc1 scan and publish result
  • Development of GEM-based focal plane detectors:
    Technical design report for MAGIX spectrometer setup
  • Lattice QCD:
    Complete the second-generation calculation of aμHVP with a target precision of 2 %, including quark-disconnected diagrams. Determine the running of αem and sin2w). Establish a calculational scheme for determining the hadronic light-by-light scattering contribution.