N2: Project-related publications by participating researchers

Publications in international refereed journals and books

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  2. Improved estimates of the nuclear structure corrections in \(\mathbf{_\mu{D}}\)
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  3. Nuclear structure corrections to the Lamb shift in \(\mu^3\)He\(^+\) and \(\mu^3\)H  
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  4. First principles description of the giant dipole resonance in \(\mathbf{^{16}O}\)
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  5. Giant and pigmy dipole resonances in \(^4\)He, \(^{16,22}\)O and \(^{40}\)Ca from chiral nucleon-nucleon interactions
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  7. Charge, neutron, and weak size of the atomic nucleus
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  8. Isoscalar monopole resonance of the alpha particle: a prism to nuclear Hamiltonians
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  9. Electromagnetic reactions on light nuclei
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  10. The deuteron-radius puzzle is alive: A new analysis of nuclear structure uncertainties
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  1. Theory of electromagnetic reactions in light nuclei
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