N: Project-related publications from the first funding period

Publications in international refereed journals and books

    1. Exclusive electroproduction of \(K^+\Lambda\) and \(K^+\Sigma^0\) final states at \(Q^2\) = 0.030-0.055 (GeV/c)\(^2\)
      P. Achenbach et al. [A1 Collaboration], Eur.Phys.J. A48 (2012) 14.
    2. Mechanisms for production of hypernuclei beyond the neutron and proton drip lines
      N. Buyukcizmeci, A.S. Botvina, J. Pochodzalla, and M. Bleicher,  Phys.Rev. C88 (2013) 014611.
    3. Measurement of the neutron electric to magnetic form factor ratio at  \(Q^2\) = 1.58 GeV\(^2\) using the reaction \(^3 \vec{He}(\vec{e},e^\prime n)pp\)
      B.S. Schlimme, et al. [A1Collaboration], Phys.Rev.Lett. 111 (2013) 132504.
    4. Observation of \(^4_{\Lambda}H\) hyperhydrogen by decay-pion spectroscopy in electron scattering
      A. Esser et al. [A1 Collaboration], Phys.Rev.Lett. 114 (2015) 232501


  1. Neutron skin studies of medium and heavy nuclei
    M. Thiel, D. Becker, M. Ferretti, K. Kumar, and C. Sfienti, EPJ Web Conf. 73 (2014) 07007.
  2. Status and prospects of \(R_n\) measurements at Mainz
    C. Sfienti, D. Becker, M. Ferretti, M. Thiel, and K. Kumar, AIP Conf.Proc. 1563 (2013) 231.
  3. Recent studies of hypernuclei formation with electron beams at MAMI
    P. Achenbach et al. [A1Collaboration],  Few-Body Syst. 55 (2014) 887.
  4. Overview of the electromagnetic production of strange mesons at MAMI
    P. Achenbach et al. [A1Collaboration], Nucl.Phys. A 914 (2013) 41.
  5. Prospects for hypernuclear physics at Mainz: From KAOS@MAMI  to PANDA@FAIR
    A. Esser et al. [A1 Collaboration], Nucl.Phys. A914 (2013) 519.
  6. Deuteron form factor measurements at low momentum transfer
    B.S. Schlimme, et al. [A1 Collaboration],  EPJ Web Conf. 113 (2015) 04017 (21st International Conference on Few-body Problems in Physics)