4th Members' Meeting – 25th October 2013


TOP 1:  Adoption of agenda items
TOP 2:  Protocol of the 3rd Members' Meeting
TOP 3:  New members
TOP 4:  Presentations of the individual subprojects
TOP 5:  Preparation PAC meeting
TOP 6:  a.o.b.


Principal investigators, associated principal investigators, members and associated members of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1044

Status reports on individual projects of the CRC 1044

P1:  A. Denig
P2:  F. Maas
S1:  H. Merkel
N:    M. Distler
Lattice activities: H. Wittig
S2:  V. Pascalutsa
S3:  M. Ostrick
M1:  M. Vanderhaegen
M2:  W. Gradl
Additional contribution by P. Achenbach: Details of tagged weak Mesonic decays