6th Members' Meeting – 22nd April 2015


TOP 1:  Adoption of agenda items
TOP 2:  Adoption of the minutes of 5th Members' Meeting
TOP 3:  New members
TOP 4:  Report of spokespersons
TOP 5:  Short presentations of subprojects of the SFB1044 (10 + 5 presentations)
TOP 6:  Miscellaneous


Principal investigators, associated principal investigators, members and associated members of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 1044.

Status reports on individual projects of the CRC 1044

P1  Hadronic contributions to muon (g-2): Experiment - A. Denig; Theory - H. Wittig
P2  Measurement of the weak charge of the proton and the weak mixing angle extraction: F. Maas
S1  Nucleon form factors, Charge radius: H. Meyer
S2  Polarizabilities: V. Pascalutsa
S3  Low-energy excitation of light hadrons: M. Ostrick
M1  γγ-physics and meson structure: M. Vanderhaeghen
M2  Light meson dynamics: W. Gradl
N    Interactions in nuclear systems: C. Sfienti