Light-by-light scattering workshop

2-3 February 2017

Seehaus Forelle, Ramsen (Germany)

Agenda on THURSDAY, 2 February

  • Welcome
  • The M1 Project: Theory: Marc Vanderhaeghen
  • The M1 Project: Experiment: Achim Denig
  • Hadronic light-by-light scattering in lattice QCD: Harvey Meyer
  • Pseudoscalar meson transition form factors: Theory: Andreas Nyffeler
  • Pseudoscalar meson transition form factors: Experiment: Christoph Redmer
  • Sum rules for light-by-light scattering: Vladimir Pascalutsa
  • γ* γ -> π π : Dispersive analysis: Igor Danilkin
  • γ* γ -> π π: Experiment: Yuping Guo

Agenda on FRIDAY, 3 February

  • New results from light-by-light sum rules: Igor Danilkin
  • γ γ -> π0 η : coupled channel theoretical analysis: Oleksandra Deineka
  • Small angle tagger at BESIII: Brice Garillon
  • Timelike meson transition form factors at A2/MAMI: Sasha Wagner
  • Measurement of the ω -> π+ π- π0 Dalitz plot distribution at WASA: Lena Heijkenskjöld
  • Discussion of the next steps