Gender-equality measures

The award-winning staff policy of the Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU Mainz) is fully embraced by the CRC 1044. In order to promote gender equality and the advancement of women in science, special attention is given to young female academics during the post doctoral phase, which according to statistics is the time when many promising female scientists terminate their careers.

The Office of Gender Affairs and Equal Opportunity at JGU Mainz offers coaching services for young female scientists. In addition, special funds are provided by JGU Mainz for providing adequate temporary substitutes during parental leave.

Specific measures of the CRC 1044 include:

  • Ada Lovelace Project
    Young female scientists in the areas of physics, mathematics and computer science are coached by selected female mentors in leadership positions.
  • Short-term mentoring program
    Selected female scientists in leadership positions in the field of hadron physics share their experience on research and career opportunities with the female scientists working in the CRC 1044.
  • Gender-specific presentations
    As part of the weekly CRC seminar, one presentation per semester is dedicated to a gender-specific topic.
  • Young Female Investigator Fund (YFIF)
    The CRC 1044 created the YFIF to support talented young female scientists at the postdoctoral level and to enable candidates to carry out independent research within the CRC 1044.
  • Information booth at Girls' Day
    The activities of the CRC 1044 are presented at an information booth on the JGU Mainz campus at the yearly Girls' Day.