Early career support

The education and further training of outstanding young researchers is an express goal of the Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) Mainz and the CRC 1044. Measures specifically related to the CRC 1044 include:

  • Active involvement of young researchers in the projects
    In virtually all projects, postdocs co-coordinate the work. Undergraduate and graduate students profit from the large-scale infrastructure that is available (such as MAMI) and the unique opportunities for hands-on experience in an international environment.
  • SFB School
    This 4-day school is held once a year and offers lectures by several well-known scientists. Students also have the opportunity to present their work in the CRC 1044. The SFB School attracts about 80 participants each year.
  • Helmholtz Young Investigator group
    One Helmholtz Young Investigator group is currently funded in the CRC 1044 and two more are planned.
  • Competitive funding scheme at JGU
    JGU established a competitive funding scheme, which is open to all researchers at the university with a special emphasis on young researchers. Young scientists in the CRC 1044 have been particularly successful at obtaining funding for research at MAMI.