Members‘ Meeting 25.10.2013


TOP 1: Adoption of agenda items

TOP 2: Protocol of the third members meeting

TOP 3: New members

TOP 4: Presentations of the individual subprojects

TOP 5: Preparation PAC meeting

TOP 6: a.o.b.


Principal investigators, associated principal investigators, members and associated members of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1044

Status reports on individual projects of the CRC 1044

P1 (presented by A. Denig)
P2 (presented by F. Maas)
S1 (presented by H. Merkel)
N (presented by M. Distler)
Lattice activities (presented by H. Wittig)
S2 (presented by V. Pascalutsa)
S3 (presented by M. Ostrick)
M1 (presented by M. Vanderhaegen)
M2 (presented by W. Gradl)
Additional contribution by P. Achenbach on details of tagged weak Mesonic decays

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