Members‘ Meeting 22.4.2015


TOP 1: Adoption of agenda items
TOP 2: Adoption of the minutes of 5th members meeting
TOP 3: New members
TOP 4: Report of spokespersons
TOP 5: Short presentations of subprojects of the SFB1044 (10 + 5 presentations)
TOP 6: Miscellaneous


Principal investigators, associated principal investigators, members and associated members of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 1044.

Presentations of subprojects:

P1: Hadronic contributions to muon (g-2)
P1 Experiment (presented by A. Denig)
P1 Theory (presented by H. Wittig)
P2: Measurement of the weak charge of the proton and the weak mixing angle extraction (presented by F. Maas)
S1: Nucleon form factors, Charge radius (presented by H. Meyer)
S2: Polarizabilities (presented by V. Pascalutsa)
S3: Low-energy excitation of light hadrons (presented by M. Ostrick)
M1: γγ-physics and meson structure (presented by M. Vanderhaeghen)
M2: Light meson dynamics (presented by W. Gradl)
N: Interactions in Nuclear Systems (presented by C. Sfienti)

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